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Fifteen years later, fingerprints led to another man, Jeremy Scott, who not only confessed to Schofield’s murder, but may also be connected to a string of other crimes—even though Schofield’s husband remained in prison for her death. Thoughtful and enthralling, the show is as much an exploration of investigative journalism as it is an irresistible mystery story. From satanism to the Stonewall Uprising, this show offers tons of interesting information and answers to questions you may never have even thought to ask.

While they don’t pretend to have all the answers, they often welcome guests that might, and their banter will keep you laughing through the highs and lows of your own love life. Mating in Captivity author Esther Perel may be one of the best-known couples’ therapist in the world, and listeners bear witness to her masterful skills on Where Should We Begin? In each episode, a different couple sits down to spill the details of their troubled relationship—as listeners, we get to learn something as we eavesdrop. Replying to email messages would also be your accountability. ZipRecruiter, that is the typical salary for chat operators. San Mateo, California topped the list of highest paying cities for on-line chat operators.

Is the definitive modern dating podcast presented by Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid, where they discuss their take on the ebbs and flows of the crazy dating world we live in. From interpreting dating app interactions and weird sexual encounters, to defining the relationship and everything in between – they’re here to make sure you don’t die alone. For more fun dating commentary, polls, and bonus content, follow @u.up.podcast on Instagram.

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Having problems getting past the first few dates, let alone the first meetup? Then, you could be guilty of “Projection.” This glossary term describes how we may subconsciously project our past negative dating and relationship experiences onto our new dates. If you get easily embarrassed talking about sex and intimacy, Savage Lovecast will desensitize you — and quickly. Answering a handful of calls on each episode, Dan Savage is ready to cover any topic, including many NSFW.

This podcast mixed with a dating advice column tackles every issue from any angle you can think of. Within one episode, the host Dan Savage discusses poly relationships and the feelings you might have for your boyfriend’s boyfriend, dating insecure people, and whether to accept an offer of friendship after a date. Dan Savage has been delivering his influential podcast for nearly 14 years , and you’ll immediately understand why Savage Lovecast, derived from his popular column, “Savage Love,” is such a hit. And Savage’s straightforward and humorous approach to topics makes every listener feel okay about who they are .

That episode in particular has stuck with me since the podcast’s premiere in July. There’s such a variety of podcasts that you’re sure to find something that suits you. Whether you’re looking for something with a sense of humour or want more serious actionable advice, your podcast is out there. With hosts that are relatable, aware, and understand what you are going through, podcasts are an excellent way to cope with feelings of worry and anxiety. Whether they serve as your friends to get you through bouts of depression or as the voices who can lull you to sleep when all else fails, your favorite podcast is there for you — rain or shine.

Episode 1: A New Beginning

The best love podcasts of 2020 for relationship and dating advice are easy ways to keep love on the brain while we’re all stuck inside for the unforeseeable future. Want to know how to date as a single Christian while still enjoying a loving, romantic relationship that leads to the altar before the bedroom? Actor/Content Creator Meghan Rienks and Producer/Writer/Director Melisa Monts are like every other person with access to a microphone, they started a podcast.

The interviewees are academic experts, business professionals, and the general public. Topics include classic monetary theories, international trade, current events, taxes, insider trading, and more. Office LadiesMissing the good ole days of The Office and want to rekindle the nostalgia? Then check out Office Ladies hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey . The podcast started in 2018 and was acquired by Spotify in 2021 for $60 million.

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Unfortunately, relationships and marriages do end, and we’re not always great at navigating these circumstances with kindness and grace. Listen to today’s show for some amazing tools and insights for creating a divorce or breakup that you can be proud of. These shows—some of the best relationship podcasts out there—can support you through rocky times and good times alike, no matter how long you’ve been together. canoodle.com text chat Each week a real date is covered, and a special guest provides their perspective on love and relationships. Topics include understanding your dating wants and needs, who pays on the first date, ghosting, and crafting the perfect dating app profile. With guests from around the globe journalist & broadcaster Jonathan Kent and psychotherapist Zayna Ratty discuss relationships and sexuality beyond the mainstream.

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Ep 454, How Electoral Colleges Work — Want to understand how the Electoral Colleges works? Then check out ep 454, which goes into the history of the electoral college in the United States and why it was set up. Think of The Daily as the New York Times — but in podcast form. In this episode, Joe and Elon talk about Tesla, space, and the future of AI.

Hosted by Parenthood actor Dax Shepard, “Armchair Expert” dives into more than love. The podcast explores the messiness, vulnerability, struggles and shortcomings that make humans, well, humans. Well, nothing really , but the actor accomplishes this feat through charm and relatability. The episodes also include interviews from some of Shepard’s famous friends, including Sheryl Crow, Alicia Keys and, obvi, his wife Kristen Bell. Speaker, writer, and personal coach Susana Frioni discusses all things driving and halting desire in our daily lives. LOVE SEX DESIRE takes a gentler, more sophisticated approach to topics like intimacy, consent, attraction, and sexual pleasure.