The Best Accounting Software for Owner-Operators:  TruckingOffice or QuickBooks?

trucking accounting software

Rigbooks can be billed on a per-mile basis, and this kind of mileage tracking is exactly what’s lacking from systems like Quickbooks. If you are looking for a robust bookkeeping tool that can be applied to the trucking and shipping industry, you might prefer something more standard like Quickbooks Online. This gives the option to manually fill out a report when you need to save on admin costs or you can use the automatic report feature when you’d prefer to save on time.

trucking accounting software

As a trucking business owner, you have to juggle many moving parts to make your business thrive. From managing routes, repairs, staffing and https://www.scoopearth.com/the-importance-of-retail-accounting-in-improving-inventory-management/ more—maintaining efficiency is critical. Finding the right accounting software can be one of the most important decisions an owner can make.

Popular Trucking Accounting Software Comparisons

Because of the potential for danger and injury to others when driving an 18-wheeler, any trucking business will also need to factor in liability insurance. Reduce trucking costs through better fuel management and optimised route planning. Companies that want to succeed need to do more than keep a simple general ledger or insert data into various spreadsheets and papers. Transport companies want every accident and maintenance detail to be reported. Therefore, they make use of fleet management modules to process claims, report accidents, schedule tasks, and regular maintenance, and track the value for tax management with ease. I’ve put together a free guide to help you build a profitable trucking business.

Unlike hourly and salaried employees, truckers may have pay rates based on miles driven or truckloads carried. The best trucking accounting software should be able to manage and track dispatches, orders, fuel and mileage, driver settlements, and IFTA reporting. Just like QuickBooks Online, Zoho Books isn’t custom-tailored for trucking businesses. However, it has strong accounting features that are useful for trucking companies, such as invoicing and project accounting. What makes it fit for independent truckers is its powerful mobile accounting application.

Quickbooks‍ Best General Accounting Software

Q7 is the best overall trucking accounting software because it’s all-inclusive, cloud-based and fully integrates with other industry-specific tools. If you need specialized tools like order management and IFTA tracking, then consider integrating TruckingOffice with QuickBooks Online, which has excellent general accounting features. However, Q7 is a great standalone trucking-specific accounting solution while Rigbooks is ideal if you have a small fleet and want an affordable platform.

What software do most companies use for accounting?

  • BlackLine.
  • SAP.
  • QuickBooks Online.
  • Oracle EBS.
  • SAP Business One.
  • FreshBooks.
  • Oracle PeopleSoft.
  • Desktop Pro.

For instance, Tailwind’s Unlimited package enables tracking an unlimited number of shipments per month. It also is capable of managing multiple business branches under the same umbrella. Bookkeeping refers broadly to maintaining a business’s retail accounting financial records. These include day-to-day records like fuel receipts and payment transactions. Accounting software makes bookkeeping easier by letting you scan receipts or enter data in one place so that it’s readily available when needed.

Trucking Accounting Software Buyers Guide

Prophesy Transportation Software is a comprehensive trucking accounting software designed to help trucking companies manage their financial operations efficiently. It includes various services, including fleet administration, billing and invoicing, load tracking, dispatch management, and financial reporting. An accounting program particularly created for small to mid-sized trucking firms is called TruckBytes. It offers features such as invoicing, fuel tax reporting, profit and loss tracking, and driver settlement calculations. With TruckBytes, users can easily manage their dispatches and schedules, as well as track and manage their expenses, including fuel and maintenance costs.

But accounting with trucking-specific considerations is only part of what this comprehensive solution offers. It also handles all trucking logistics, including dispatch and fleet management. It also incorporates mobile logistics and extensive integrations such as an electronic on-board recorder interface that tracks driving time and a fuel card interface.

Top Project Management Software

Trucking companies often have a unique chart of accounts because revenue and expenses are quite different from other businesses. For example, trucking companies will likely include a gas surcharge income account and a gross trucking income account. Trucking companies may take very different approaches to bookkeeping depending on their size, time in business, and plans to expand. At its most basic, bookkeeping can be tracked manually with ledger books or spreadsheets. Some owner operators take this approach, but it is easy to make mistakes. Instead, most owner operators opt for scaled-down software to streamline their bookkeeping.

trucking accounting software

Zoho Books doesn’t offer such a comprehensive payroll solution as QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, and Xero. Connect trucking apps, automate complex processes, and streamline time-consuming tasks with ease. Updates made in your accounting software will be synced to Rose Rocket to make sure you always have the most up-to-date information. Connect your accounting software with your TMS to make managing your books easier than ever. Sorry, the site administrator for blocked access to the site for certain geographic regions.

Here are a few of the key benefits that trucking company accounting software can help your business. As most trucking companies serve other large corporations rather than the general public, much of a trucking company’s marketing is industry-specific. This could include paying for adverts in trade magazines and attending trade shows. For transport companies, proper communication between the drivers and the corporate office is very important. The truth is trucking businesses like yours need to track things differently… the success of your business is centered around your costs per mile. Whether it’s a problem with the numbers or the software, there may be times when you need help from a professional.

  • You need to make sure each load is going to earn a profit for your business.
  • Designed for small trucking operations, Rigbooks is an affordable, no-commitment accounting software for trucking company.
  • Allowing you to spend your time together going over new ways to save you money.
  • Fuel is a necessary, ongoing expense in any trucking business – but that’s not to say you can’t find ways to reduce the costs.

Does QuickBooks work for trucking?

Trucking companies use QuickBooks to ensure payroll is automated and accurate. With built-in time tracking, you can oversee employee work hours and approve payroll when you're ready.