The Secret Lives Of Tumblr Teens

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the largest star of the Tumblr teen comedy world. Tumblr’s new nudity decree isn’t quite a return to its golden age of boobs, butts, and blogs.

The limits of tumblr’s new openness

However, the platform does make an exception for “traditionally significant” photographs of individuals going at it, corresponding to these you might discover in a “mainstream museum,” so long as wapa customer service number the appropriate Community Label has been applied. Though Tumblr had a thriving NSFW group in its heyday, its 2018 ban on adult content material gutted the running a blog platform and led to a drastic drop in visitors of practically 30 %. Today’s announcement seems to be attempting to undo a few of that injury, and re-establish Tumblr as a sex-positive place the place nudity is allowed and embraced.

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Nudity comes back to tumblr, however sexually explicit pictures nonetheless banned

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