The new Armenians off Diyarbekir was in fact regarding an easy and easy character

The new Armenians off Diyarbekir was in fact regarding an easy and easy character

ilies had tables, it had been more widespread for eating products looking at straw mats on the floor and you can away from an excellent copper brgich (sini, tray). The lady of the property manage serve a portion of the bowl within the the massive holder, alongside cheddar and dough, herbs, and you can regular create. The family would assemble inside the meal, state this new Lord’s Prayer, and would eat making use of their wood spoons, providing themselves from the communal pan .

It had been an everyday occurrent to visit musafer (visit some one). On section entitled “We Visited Understand the Bozoyents” away from his guide, Margosian relates to a night trip to the home of the newest Bozoyents household members. Frequently, there’s you horny senior chat don’t need to promote earlier notice when seeing. Just, after-dinner, household create get an excellent kmbo (brief kerosene lamp) to white their way and stroll together on the appeal. They’d knock on the door by using the chakhchakhos (doorway knockers). If the their friends had been home, the entranceway might possibly be exposed. Or even, they created that they was basically checking out others. In this case, your family would prefer other the place to find head to. “We appeared as the musafers for your requirements,” they will say, cut off the boots, and you may walk-in. People they know manage anticipate him or her gladly: “Mir klkhin vre, egek egek, ners mdik!” [“Greet, greeting, get real, come inside!”].

The latest guys manage usually gamble dama (Turkish checkers) and drink drink, since females manage knit and exchange news. Seniors, after advising fairy reports toward young, carry out doze from, huddled with her prior to the fireplace. The youngsters would split walnuts on the floor, upcoming tie the fresh new wild during the bastegh (grape leather) and you will eat playing .

Towards Sundays, many of them goes to church and you will act as tbirs (acolytes)

There had been numerous old and large personal baths inside Diyarbekir, and you may visiting such baths are a fundamental element of lifestyle getting the fresh city’s customers. The fresh shower curtains was established nearby the lake, which means appreciated an abundant supply of h2o. This new wealthy forever hired djourous in this field. Djourou can be translated while the tunnel, in this situation, it indicates a swimming pool. The ladies of your area carry out post porters ahead towards baths with the legens (tubs), tsak-legens (little bathtub), and kildans (packets containing soap, luffas, and you can combs). Up coming, which have high ceremony, every girls and children of the family would experience an effective carriage to the bath, providing using them dinner, chocolate, and liquid. Definitely, the baths have been conducive to ladies going for brides for their sons. This new men’s shower curtains had been in different property, and rather than the ladies’ baths, had been unlock constantly of the day .

Especially in the metropolis, it had been classic both for boys and girls to attend school holding their defters (take action instructions) and you can kelims (pencils). Just after coming back home from kinds, ladies manage let its moms and dads having residential works – cleanup, stitching and you may mending, weaving, cooking, and you will embroidering. This new young men, meanwhile, manage go into apprenticeships that have craftsmen, and you may would also help work on chores outside the house.

They might thoroughly scrutinize the students lady while you are other ladies given pointers or conveyed which-or-you to candidate’s problems having furtive looks

Margosian recalls your normal chronilogical age of marriage for women try 14-sixteen, and also for guys 18-19. When the a lady are 18 yrs . old but still unmarried, she is actually deemed for “resided in the home.” If a boy became 20 and you can was still solitary, he was “either inebriated otherwise crazy.” If both a person is 40 years old and you will don’t yet provides grandkids, it was determined that he/she had “not witnessed new light of one’s sun.”