Part II talks about sexism inside K-pop as well as the possible impact on watchers and you may societies general

Part II talks about sexism inside K-pop as well as the possible impact on watchers and you may societies general

Even though all K-pop fandom is actually directed at men idols, which report concentrates mainly to the sexual objectification, lookism, and you can sexism within the woman idols’ sounds and the potential impact on fans’ (mainly more youthful female) intercourse perceptions

You should data this element of K-pop since it is significantly more problematic about the newest dark fact off sex factors within the Korea: Regardless of if Korea has actually effectively modernized the discount, they lags far behind most other OECD (Organization for Monetary Co-procedure and you can Development) countries with regards to intercourse equality ( Bethmann & Rudolf, 2016 ; Rudolf & Kang, 2015 ). Offering the newest widest sex shell out pit and the bad performing environment for ladies certainly rich places, Korea’s ranks from the Around the globe Gender Pit Directory try into par which have Muslim-vast majority countries well-noted for the discrimination against people and ranked well underneath the stubbornly patriarchal Japan ( GGGR, 2015 ; PwC, 2017 ; This new Economist, 2016 ).

Students had been checking out and you may criticizing this new excessively sexualized, usually sexist blogs, also the propagation away from lookism within the K-pop and you may discussing the possible impact on K-pop music fans. In accordance with this type of conversations and you may accepting the possible lack of hard research throughout the discussion, it papers shows the next theory: If the K-pop music indeed promotes sexist maxims plus the objectification of females (given that created in point II), the global achievements could have bad consequences with the improvement sex equivalence around the globe. ; and you will dos) What is the dating between K-pop fandom and you may fans’ thinking into division away from labor ranging from men and women within this and outside of the house?

This study primarily leads to current books from the after the several implies. Earliest, that with a special and you can recently gathered studies gang of 6,317 observations out of one hundred regions, this study contributes unusual difficult empirical facts on debate out of exactly how K-pop music influences fans’ intercourse thinking. 2nd, the analysis suggests exactly how sexism, lookism, and you can sexualization will most likely not you need to be mellow social products, but might actually influence private attitudes precisely how repaid and you may outstanding functions are going to be divided anywhere between men and women. Although not, it should be also indexed that data will not intend to measure people causal outcomes. Considering the constraints from a cross-sectional questionnaire design, show need to be interpreted once the correlations in the place of causation.

Ergo, the study questions become tested are as follows: 1) What’s the relationship between the level of K-pop music fandom (counted by your readiness to pay for K-pop activities and things) and you can private intercourse perceptions?

The rest of this article is arranged below. This can provide the abstract cause for the study hypothesis and the fresh empirical study. Point III raises the latest survey structure, studies place and you can parameters, and you may gift suggestions detailed statistics of the parameters used in this research. Point IV gifts the new empirical methods used in study and you may empirical efficiency. Part V concludes the article.

Sexism, such as for instance sexist attitudes to your girls, which mostly come from traditional stereotypes regarding the sex roles, is one of the chief offenders one substitute just how from intercourse equality. Earlier in the day studies have investigated sex-part stereotyping inside the sounds video clips ( Aubrey & Frisby, 2011 ; Kalof, 1999 ; Kistler & Lee, 2009 ; Seidman, 1992 ) and other mass media models ( Lauzen, Dozier, & Horan, 2008 ; Wood, 1994 ), and found one to compared to the men, women are prone to end up being sexually objectified and stored in order to more strict physical appearance conditions. More over, women can be and additionally tend to depicted in ways one stresses old-fashioned sex roles: boys https://datingmentor.org/pl/sportowe-randki/ had been more powerful, principal, aggressive, and you can unlawful, when you find yourself females was expected to getting presented since weak, founded, submissive, and nurturing. Even though some K-pop communities and you may idols seem to complications antique sex jobs courtesy their androgynous otherwise homoerotic imageries (such as for example, Emerald away from f(x), Jo Kwon away from 2AM, and you will Lee Hong-gi from F.T. Island) and remind more egalitarian intercourse thinking, all the popular K-pop music artists, such girl organizations, was in fact compliant for the prominent stereotypes.