Puerto Rico Marriage Traditions

In Puerto Rico, you will find https://www.glamour.com/about/dating-advice many facts about dating a latina woman wedding practices. Some of them read are similar to people found in other Latin countries. Nevertheless, the wedding customs in Desfiladero Rico will be unique and possess their own flair. Here are several of the practices.

Among the traditions in Puerto Apetitoso is to offer “capias”. Capia is a bow with labels on it, usually tied having a ribbon of the identical color because the wedding time. It is provided to guests to be a souvenir.

Another tradition is the “lasso” formal procedure. The few may use a rope-like item, shaped like an infinity symbol. This kind of item signifies unity.

The bride and groom may also carry a great amapola. An amapola is actually a flower that is certainly considered good luck in Malograr Rico. It can be used in the marriage bouquet or in the bridesmaids’ bouquet.

Other traditions are the use of seashells as accessories. In Paso Rico, several species of seashells are used simply because wedding accents. Some lovers even place seashells on the cake.

The bride can be granted a doppelganger doll. This doll is made to look very much like the new bride. It has a related dress and is placed with the main reception table. It might be given to friends as a symbol of appreciation.


The doll is usually placed on a key table. This allows guests to get gifts in the doll. The newlyweds will be able to use the monies collected from your guests.